BIOL 2303 Plant Biology (Winter 2023)

3 credit hours

Prerequisite:  BIOL 1201 and BIOL 1202

This course is an introduction to plant biology, with emphasis on angiosperm plant structure, reproduction and development, basic mechanisms of photosynthesis and respiration, plant nutrition, and growth regulation. Land plants are also studied from an evolutionary perspective, spanning from the first appearance of plants on land to the major groups present today.

BIOL 3328 Plant Taxonomy and Identification (expected Fall 2023)

3 credit hours

Prerequisite:  BIOL 2303

This is a hands-on course on the identification of plants in important vegetation types in Nova Scotia. Students examine the principles of plant taxonomy, prepare plant specimens and differentiate habitat types. Topics include the ecology of plant adaptations to the local environment, and applied ecology and conservation biology of key habitat types.

BIOL 4410 Plant Ecology (expected Fall 2023)

3 credit hours

Prerequisite:  BIOL 2303 and BIOL 2324

Students focus on plant populations and communities by exploring species composition, diversity, and interactions in field or laboratory projects.