The Goud Lab | Faculty of Science

Located in the Biology Department at Saint Mary’s University, the Goud Lab is centered on fundamental and applied questions in plant ecology and evolutionary biology. Our research addresses how variation in plant form, function, and evolutionary history influence patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem function, and how we can use this information to solve environmental problems. We draw upon interdisciplinary methods to answer our research questions, including measurements of plant morphological, biochemical, and physiological traits, stable isotope analysis, trace gas exchange, and environmental measurements. When appropriate or possible these types of data are placed into a phylogenetic context. We use laboratory, greenhouse, and field experiments as well as natural observations and large-scale collaborative datasets. 

Ellie M. Goud

Assistant Professor, Saint Mary’s University (2022)
Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo (2022)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Waterloo (2020)
PhD Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University (2020)
MSc Geography, McGill University (2015)
BSc Botany, McGill University (2011)

Looking for Ellie Goud, the fiddle player from Celtic trio Arise & Go? Yup, that’s me!

Christina Bao

MSc Student (co-supervised with Dr. Maria Strack, University of Waterloo)

Plant responses to anthropogenic disturbances, working on intraspecific trait variation in boreal peatlands in collaboration with the Boreal Ecosystem Recovery & Assessment Project (

Ben Dow

MSc Student

Plant physiological responses to metal and acid contaminants in peatland ecosystems.

Lauren Schofield

BSc Honours Research Student

Ecophysiological responses to increasing salinity in coastal habitats

Sam McDormand

BSc Honours Research Student

Ecophysiology of wild blueberries, plant responses to pollution

Allison MacNeil

BSc Honours Research Student

Plant ecology & phylogenetics

Mythri Vallabhaneni

BSc Honours Research Student

Plant responses to acidity

Haley Ehler

BSc Plant Ecology Research Assistant